Welcome note for English speaking shooters!

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Welcome note for English speaking shooters!

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Dear English speaking shooters living in Ukraine or abroad!
We are the one and only active shooting organization in Ukraine that on regular basis made various shooting activities in Ukraine, including competitions, routine trainings, courses and other. As well we are representing in Ukraine one of the most well-known and the best dynamic shooting organization in the world - International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC)

We are greatly appreciate your interest in our organization and kindly welcome you to take part in our safe and exciting shooting events! These includes as novices, so master shooters to whom we can propose basic (to make first steps in shooting) or advanced (to keep your skills on certain level) activities.

We can propose you to take part in our matches, from club to Nationals levels or training courses in practical shooting, self-defence, tactical, close protection, precision or other shooting disciplines. We have all required equipment, ranges and instructors and can propose as well custom training or competitive shooting events for your group or VIP. Our staff is well trained instructors and range officers with needed training and competitions experience, including MIL&LE background. You can be sure that our training is on up to day level and we are constantly improving it to be on the world shooting loop.

We will do our best whenever you want… just to spend good time in good company or constantly improve your skills!

Do not hesitate to make your inquiries to

Alexander Milyukov
IPSC Ukraine Regional Director
Ukrainian Shooting Federation Board Member

mob: +38 050 330 2946
em: ipsc.ua@gmail.com

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